Announcement bulletin for january 26, 2019 — north canton, oh united church of god

Although it looks fine at the moment, let’s pray that the weather remains very travelable this Sabbath! Our family missed seeing everyone last week. The consolation was that we did have a good number of connections for the Sabbath Bible Study webcast. The number of connections for all four of our congregations plus a few elsewhere was 81. If we factor an average of two people per connection it makes quite a good attendance on a day when the weather restricted safe travel. Recordings of the Bible Study should be made available this Sabbath for those without internet access. Otherwise, if you missed it, it can be viewed at .

Pastor’s contact information: PO Box 1474, Massillon, OH 44648.

Home phone: 330-809-0566, cell phone: 740-739-7248. Email addresses: or (both come to the same location). For emails regarding scheduling (church events, visits or counseling), please copy my wife Linda . Announcements should be sent to my email and copied to our daughter Amanda at as she helps process them each week.

Our exciting plans to begin a combined Spokesman Club for the church circuit are in process as is the search for a suitable meeting location most likely in the Steubenville, OH area. Men, if you haven’t signed up for Club, please contact Mr. Stiver to add your name to the list. Young men—we especially want you to be in club! Participate in what has historically been the most vitally successful—and most enjoyable—leadership training program in God’s true Church.

Remember our program for enhancing our Sabbath fellowship by reading all the Psalms between now and Passover! Read the list of Psalms for each week, and enjoy discussing them with your brethren who are also reading the same passages. This is a purely voluntary program, but it’s a really good opportunity to add spiritual depth and interest to our Sabbath fellowship time—and to help us spiritually prepare for Passover. The Psalm-schedule handout is the last two pages of the announcements. THIS COMING WEEK’S PSALMS: 22 to 32.

We’re happy to invite the brethren from Columbus, Mansfield, Wheeling and North Canton to Cambridge’s 4th Annual Bunco Night! If you can come for the day, services are at 2 p.m. with a potluck following. Location is Cambridge’s regular hall: Guernsey County Senior Citizens Center, 1022 Carlisle Ave., Cambridge, Ohio 43725. Bring your favorite potluck dishes, and Bunco players please bring a “white elephant” gift wrapped in an intriguing package. Please let Martha Miller know you are coming so that we can have an idea of how many to expect. , cell # is 330-204-6971.

We are happy to have a group meal on the Night to Be Much Remembered this spring at the Chateau Michelle restaurant. This part of God’s Days of Unleavened Bread is observed by fellowship over a meal. If you would like commemorate our calling out of this “present, evil world” by joining other brethren at this meal, please put your name on the sign-up list on the information table. Pertinent details about the meal are posted there.

Joe and Rose Szymkowiak (North Canton church) request your prayers for their grandson Jaxson, age 7, who is currently undergoing tests prior to chemo therapy in preparation for a bone marrow transplant scheduled for February 14. Jaxson’s younger brother Liam, age 4, will be the bone marrow donor. Jaxson has ALD, adrenoleukodystrophy, and his MRI has begun to show minor changes in the brain. They want to do the bone marrow transplant now before any damage is done. ALD at his young age is virtually a death sentence unless steps are taken. We are praying the bone marrow transplant will short circuit the changes and allow him to live a full life. Please pray for a successful transplant and that Jaxson’s body will not reject the new bone marrow. Also pray for little Liam, that he will recover quickly from the harvesting of the bone marrow. Jaxson will be at Mayo for approximately four months if all goes well.

We are tentatively planning three ice skating dates at the Center Ice Sports Complex, near the hall here at North Canton. The dates are Feb. 9, Feb. 23, and March 9. These are all after sunset on each respective Sabbath. The open skate sessions on Saturday nights are generally 7:30-8: 00PM. Admission at the ice rink is $7 and skate rental is $3.

If we all read the same Psalms each week from now to Passover it will provide excellent points of discussion during fellowship on the Sabbath. Songleaders, please select two or three of the hymns that correspond with the past week’s reading. Your pastor will also provide a short list of key points and insights about the coming week’s Psalms.

INTRODUCTION : The Psalms are divinely inspired songs. Many were written by King David and the rest by other leaders and priests in ancient Israel. These ten were all written by the “sweet psalmist of Israel” ( 2 Samuel 23:1 2 Samuel 23:1 Now these be the last words of David. David the son of Jesse said, and the man who was raised up on high, the anointed of the God of Jacob, and the sweet psalmist of Israel, said,

PSALM 22 – This is a great lament pslam focused on the coming Messiah and set to the tune “The Deer of the Dawn.” We won’t know what the tune sounds like until resurrection when King David can play it for us (can’t wait!). In one sense it’s also a prophecy psalm as Christ the first line as His last words at His death. Thus, it is also referred to as the crucifixion psalm. You will see references to events of God’s Kingdom – v. 27, the Millennium – v. 28 and the Great White Throne Judgment – v. 29.

PSALM 25 – This is a lament, penitential (repentance) psalm written in a acrostic form (the first letter of each stanza begins with a successive letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It anticipates the Kingdom of God as “secret of the Lord” in v. 14 (compare with Mark 4:11 Mark 4:11 And he said to them, To you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but to them that are without, all these things are done in parables:

PSALM 28 – Another psalm of lament that is a protest of innocence—an unusual style of lament. It is a “prayer of David” (see the superscription) that calls to God for help and strength against the “fat hearts” (v. 10) of the proud who resist us in this life, but ends with the great appeal of the resurrection into God’s eternal kingdom (see v. 15).

PSALM 29 – A royal and worship psalm that praises the “beauty of holiness.” Verses 5 and 6 speak of the power of God’s voice splintering the cedars (imagine having that power in the world tomorrow as spirit beings!) The cedars and other great trees are found in Lebanon on Sirion in verse 6. Sirion is an ancient name for Mt. Hermon on the border of today’s nation of Israel and Lebanon. Its height is 9350 feet.