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U.s. military surplus m7 bayonet with scabbard, used – 132804, military bayonets (post 1945) at sportsman’s guide

What scabbards are available for these as it states that it may be M8 M10 or other U.S. one, what are the "other U.S. ones you have? Asked by: Jman34 Thank you for your question.

This ad is referring to the

Tyron woolfe the qualified but unemployed deaf men in santiago (bsl) the limping chicken

We met up outside the metro station, Santa Lucia. Santiago has a number of must-sees, and I had thought I had already been up Santa Lucia, a hill famous for its views of the city. When we met and started

Twofer tuesday at knowledge is good – knowledge is good

“Mr Parry is a regular propagandist for the militant right wing extremists who hate government so much, they managed to build their credibility by working for or should I say, infiltrating the government for the substantial power a US prosecuting

Two years of gop rule zompist’s e-z rant page

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a politics post. It’s not because of lack of interest, but because of overexposure. We all stew in this ongoing disaster every day. It’s hard to add light rather than heat, and it’s hard

Alumni Colorado School of Mines Newsroom

The Senior Scholar Athlete Award is presented to one graduating female athlete and one graduating male athlete every semester who truly embody the best of what it means to be a student-athlete at Mines. To qualify, graduating athletes must have

Two wheels – six strings

If you look at the blogroll on the right-hand side of the screen, you will find a listing for " Guitar Ted". Mark, the real guy behind "Ted", was the co-originator and Race Director of the Trans Iowa gravel race

Two mothers – history of kurdistan

THIS RIVER TIGRIS, how she rises and overflows! She’s gone berserk again. A soft breeze is bringing the scent of newly ploughed soil and of narcissi. How nice to feel the warmth of the sun on my back! Well, it’

Two ellie

This past fall we took a long weekend and went to Gatlinburg, TN for much needed family time that took us out of our normal routines of everyday life. We stayed at our friends, Karla & Ray’s, air b&b and

Two men and a little farm thinking of a major change

Granted any house can have problems, even new ones. But nothing so major as sinking thousands of dollars into it and having something else happen right after that. A new home also has expenses we’ll have to do that we

Tunisia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem – why youth and tech are vital elements – nextbillion

In February, The New York Times reported on the state of joblessness and resulting desperation among educated young people in rural Tunisia. This was the same demographic that protested in 2010, overthrowing the Ben Ali regime and sparking the Arab

Twin beaks aviary our aviary

Despite the avian hobbyist and breeder’s best intentions, from a captive bird’s perspective, it is housed in too small or too crowded of an enclosure, given little attention to climate and air quality, provided poor to barely adequate lighting, and

Ed dunn jr sutton group innovative realty mls hamilton

I am a salesman without being a "salesman". I am always honest and hard working. I am very good at what I do and I know that with my knowledge of the market, I can help you make the right

Sd 41 science a blog for burnaby teachers

In 2019, I hope to continue meeting teachers and working with students in classrooms to develop inquiry-based science lessons, incorporate Indigenous perspectives and understandings into science learning, and to connect students to this beautiful land. Please contact me if

Nerd nite fargo – drugs, torture, and stan lee jan fnn

The Microbiome: 40 Trillion Bacteria and You. The human microbiome consists of 40 trillion bacteria who call our body home. In comparison, our body is made up of an average of 30 trillion cells. Most people perceive bacteria as dangerous

The knordic spa, kananaskis, ab honey in my coffee

For an entire 3.5 hours, our only decisions were which pool to sit in next. I think that was probably the coolest part. Let me explain: a Nordic Spa is a form of treatment that focuses on hydrotherapy, originating in

Trump’s wall address; russia preps ai roadmap; us navy mulls arctic port; china’s 5g fixation; and a bit more. – defense one

Next up: Trump is to visit the Capitol on Wednesday for lunch with Senate Republicans, followed by a meeting with congressional leaders to resume budget talks. And later this week, he’s planning a trip to the border for what he